• 1” custom padded collar for increased patient comfort and compliance

  • Full grain leather exterior for a superior finish

  • Full interface lining cushions and protects fragile skin

  • Pretibial leather lace closure

  • Flexible molded integrated AFO allows for dynamic biomechanical function


  • PTTD

  • Charcot deformities

  • Ankle instabilities

  • Abnormal ankle alignment

  • Traumatic injury

  • Arthritis


  • Lace, Velcro, boot hooks or any combination closure allows the patient to don and doff the AFO more easily

  • Any height available

  • Black, brown, wine, beige, white and bone colors

  • Met, sulcus or full length foot plate

  • Toe fillers

  • Soft spot areas for bony prominence and pressure points

  • Heel cut out, solid heel or leather covered plastic window heel